The Main St. Way

Small Classes. Experienced Instructors.

Our classes consist of multiple types of functional, high intensity movement designed to improve speed and agility, make you stronger, and enhance overall levels of fitness. You’ll see things like sand bags, ropes, bars, bikes, and boxes that can be used creatively to make you stronger and more mobile.  Main St. Fitness is designed to be a place where fitness is fun and different (changing routine is integral to results) but also as a place where clients work hard and get the job done. Our small classes sizes are designed with the flexibility to fit most any fitness level. Our experienced instructors will help you leave your comfort zone (and hey, maybe you’ll want to take one of those gym selfies when you’re done). 

Dynamic Movement

Our warm-up prepares the body to use relevant muscle groups. This is not your grandma’s jog-in-place routine. Clients should be ready to get to work as soon as they walk through our doors.  


Applying these movements in a practical way ensures your body has engaged the tools it needs to work out hard and work out smart. 

Strength  & Conditioning

Repeated, varied versions of functional movement will help you get stronger and faster, and improve levels of stability and agility.

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